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2 Year Programme

Diablo Valley College

Diablo Valley College

Starting your Bachelor’s Degree at DVC can save you thousands of dollars compared to starting at a four-year university.


Tuition at DVC for a full-time international student is approximately $7000 per academic year, which is among the lowest tuition fees in the US.

Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, California

Transfer Guarantee  

Associate Degree

For many students , the reality of  a US University Education is a financial impossibility.DVC make your dream possible with low tuition fees.


Some students opt for a two year Associate Degree at a Community College  like DVC as an alternative, or indeed as a stepping stone to a full Degree from a US university.


By studying at a  Community College  like DVC and achieving an Associate Degree in 2 years, you can pave the way to a transfer to many of the US top universities for years 3 and 4 (Although this is optional), In the process, you can study for a fraction of the costs normally associated with study in USA.


The first two years, depending upon your course units will cost an estimated $7k USD (That’s an estimate £4.5k in UK money today (Feb 2015). So that’s less than half of what it is going to cost you to study in UK.


After DVC , many students transfer to UC Berkeley and UC Davis. DVC have TAG ( Transfer Admission Guarantees) into UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, UC Merced and UC Santa Barbara and also agreements with many other private universities and colleges. Although, you may choose to do something other or to continue your studies somewhere else. However, you will still have an Associate Degree and a valuable USA study experience.


Students can choose from over 45 majors and 40 certificate programs. DVC offers the Associate Degree in Arts, Associate Degree in Science, Certificate of Achievement and transfer programs into many four-year universities for Engineering, Architecture, Computer Studies, Film, Drama, Design, Sport Management etc.


For more details of specific courses, please visit

DVC (1) DVC (3)

US $7000 pa

A US Education

+2yrs at US University

DVC 2 DVC (2)


DVC (4)

Application Advice

To improve your chances of acceptance for admission, any application should be made through Study-International.  

Please contact us by email.

DVC application is online. Please talk to us to arrange a consultation call from DVC first.

Optional for years 3 and 4

If required.